Leadership Consulting

Recognizing that Talent Acquisition is just one part of the Human Capital agenda, we also offer broader consultancy solutions to help organizations realize long-term value in human capital. Leveraging many years of board-level experience gained with both global corporations and entrepreneurial start-up firms, we concentrate on 7 areas of expertise:

Leadership Development – including a very comprehensive approach to Executive Assessment

Inclusion and Diversity – we believe companies need to move beyond the old ways of tackling Diversity and embrace a truly Inclusive culture if they are to make the progress that will be required of them in future.

Integrated Talent Management Рwe have a unique approach, which not only looks at the content normally included within Talent Management but how it is applied and embedded within a company.

Career Management – based on research for a book which is currently being written we provide advice and guidance on how to manage a corporate career.

Coaching– we have a very experienced group of associates who are capable of providing world class coaching to any level of management in an organization.

Human Capital Risk Management – as the cost of people continues to rise in absolute terms and as a proportion of overall business costs, we provide a methodology which provides companies with a framework with which to identify the key factors and how to manage them

Organizational Design / Change Management – based on the concept of adaptive change we use a unique process of facilitated self-discovery which looks at how to build a change platform from which business transformation becomes a normal part of the DNA of a company