Argon International Solutions Ltd (Argon) is a recruitment consultancy based in the UK and is fully compliant with all UK GDPR regulations and the Data Protection Act. Should you have any questions or queries in relation to who Argon are or the data practices in place, please contact the data officer Anthony Ratcliff at

Argon’s Privacy Policy below outlines how we use, store and protect your data.

Information Collection

Argon collects information and data pertaining to certain individuals and organisations.

For the purposes of clarification, the term “individual” relates to any Candidate, Contact or Client (both existing and potential) and all known associates who aid the recruitment and search process Argon uses; which is at the core of the company’s business function. Where Contacts and Clients are concerned this information may be limited to contact information or information pertaining to speculative, potential or real assignments. For a Candidate the type of data collected may include but is not limited to personal and sensitive information, including employment history, references, contact details, background checks, visa and identity checks.

Data is mainly collected through direct contact and communication with individuals and companies. Initial stage contact information may be gathered from word of mouth, direct research, referrals or social media platforms.

Specialist third party suppliers may be used to perform crucial services such as background screening and criminal checks. This type of information gathering is undertaken with full permission of the involved parties and actioned under GDPR guidelines.

The following outlines our definition of personal and sensitive information 

Personal information – Definition

This means information about personal circumstances, including qualifications, work experience, references i.e. opinions about work performance and other information obtained by us in connection with possible work placements.

Sensitive information – Definition

This means more private information, including memberships i.e. trade/professional associations/unions, medical, criminal records etc.

Sensitive information usually requires explicit consent from the individual to be shared. 

At any time Argon may collect and process the following data:

  •   Argon may keep a record of communication this may include email, phone/skype conversation and LinkedIn messages, as well as other forms not disclosed here.
  •   Any documentation or data/information required by law to keep on record.

Argon will not usually seek sensitive information, however if the individual has chosen to provide it, this will not be shared without their permission and treated as strictly confidential.

CV and Information Submission

If an individual applies to become one of Argon’s potential Candidates or requests to be considered for positions (both present or future roles), we will collect, process and store the data/information given to us for recruitment-related purposes.

Upon CV submission Argon collects the personal data given to be used for the following purposes and collate that with additional data obtained from interactions, communications, other third parties and data available in the public domain. 

Personal Data Usage 

Personal information collected specifically for Candidates is used for recruiting purposes. This data may be used to select, assess and present Candidates for opportunities based on their preferences.

For the purposes of placements and high-level interview stages, certain information may be kept on record to comply with UK employment regulations and anti-fraud guidance.

Argon uses Candidate information as part of the recruitment processes. This may include:

  •   Consideration for prospect and potential roles they may be suitable for.
  •   Presentation to a Client – with prior arranged permission to do so.
  •   Onboarding of a Candidate/Consultancy to begin work with a Client.
  •   An assessment of ongoing performance.
  •   To keep them informed of any possible work opportunities.
  •   Communication to keep individuals updated on information about Argon which may be relevant to them.  
  •   To provide assistance with recruitment consultancy services.

Personal and/or sensitive information may be disclosed to:

  •   Any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.
  •   Potential Clients of Argon (Employers) – with prior arranged permission to do so.
  •   Referees
  •   Screening companies – with prior arranged permission to do so.

Contact information may also be used to keep our Contacts and Candidates updated on any relevant news.

Data may be used for internal reporting purposes where the information and final results have been anonymised. 

Legal Basis for Processing Data

Data is held on a combination of legitimate interest, consent and permission.

Initial stage contact information is held on grounds of legitimate interest although this information is not kept longer than is required.

The holding of data for established Candidates, Clients and Contacts is done so with a combination of legitimate interest, permission and consent. The using of relevant data to present Candidates to Clients is done so with a combination of permission and consent.

All information relating to existing Jobs, Assignments and Placements is retained on the ground of legitimate interest, although consent and permission are also relevant and most likely will have been given in addition to this.

Data Security

Data Storage

Argon is a data controller using data processors to store information. The data processors being employed by Argon are all GDPR compliant and all have signed contracts in place to ensure that continued compliance.

All data given to Argon is stored centrally in password protected and secure cloud-based systems, where central control is given to company administrators. In the event of a security breach or loss of data etc Argon is able to lock out systems and/or retrieve missing data.

Argon is a paper free organisation with IT providers to monitor hardware and ensure good data practices.

All employees and contractors working for Argon are required to undertake GDPR training to ensure compliance with regulations and all third-party providers who require data as part of a specific process have been verified and confirmed alignment with GDPR regulations.

For business operations purposes data may be stored for normal working practices. All service providers with access to data are GDPR compliant and all platforms used are secure.

Sharing of Personal Data

All personal and sensitive data is confidential and is treated as such.

Where Argon must share data and information with Clients (with regard to Candidates) this is communicated and transferred using secure channels. All Clients working in conjunction with Argon have GDPR policies in place to ensure the safety and security of all data that may be shared.

Where we share data with our essential service providers, standard procedures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of all data shared.

Data sharing processes and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure the most secure methods are utilised. All Argon employees and contractors are trained and monitored to ensure compliance with Argon’s data sharing policies. 

Archiving and Deletion of Data

Data stored on Argon’s systems is only kept as long as is deemed necessary or for it to be of value to the Candidate, the Client or Argon in terms of the recruitment process. Out of date or inaccurate information will be deemed irrelevant or harmful to Argon’s recruitment processes and will either be updated or deleted subject to review.

Argon may keep specific data types for set periods of time depending on what format the data is in. Specifically, information such as CVs and References although this may extend to other data types. This may relate to Contacts, Clients or Candidates and will be automatically removed when that set time frame has expired. These different data types and the time frame they are kept for are subject to review by Argon, in alignment with GDPR recommendations. 

Data Access – Individual Rights to Access and Deletion 

Right to Request

The right to request means that an individual Argon holds data on, can view and access all information pertaining to them at any time. 

Argon have 30 days to comply with an initial request and provide the individual with a copy of all data stored about them. In the interest of security we may ask that they verify their identity.

To trigger this process please send an email to Argon will fulfil the request by sending copies electronically to the address the request was made from. 

Right to Correct and Delete

Should an individual believe that there are inaccuracies in the information Argon holds about them, they are welcome to get in contact for the purposes of correcting it.

Should they wish for Argon to delete all the information stored about them, they need to follow a similar procedure as above, by sending an email to Argon then have 30 days to comply with the request and will send a confirmation email to the address the request was made from, when completed. 


Website and Data Usage

By visiting this website personal information is not given out and can be visited without giving away personal information. Argon do keep track of anonymous traffic data.

Argon may use Cookies and Analytics tools to improve user experience or service, in order to analyse how the website is being used.

If IP addresses are tracked for the purposes of analytics this is mostly anonymous traffic data which includes browser information, device information and languages. This is not used to profile who will use our website or any additional purpose other than an overview of how the website is being used.

Website IP Addresses and Cookies

Cookies may be used to receive information about general internet usage. Cookies may be installed on the hard drive of a user’s computer. This will help to improve this website to enable users to have a more personalised experience and service. Cookies may be refused at any time. This can be done when prompted to accept Cookies or through browser settings. If Cookies are refused or blocked, this may result in the user not being able to access certain parts of this website.


Should you wish to contact Argon or ask about anything in this Privacy Policy please use the contact details below.

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